Impact Hearing……we are passionate about impacting your life with quality sound !

Impact Hearing is independently owned and directed by Dendra Cole.  A university trained audiologist, with over 15 years professional and a lifetime of personal experience with hearing loss…..Dendra is like no other clinician in the hearing industry.

Dendra has experience not only as a hearing impaired/hearing aid user but also has experience in hearing aid manufacturing/audiologist, state management for large hearing aid providers, mentoring/supervising other clinicians and extensive locum work to other independent hearing clinics.  This polarity of local to global knowledge, the adversity from turn-burn corporate experience to the birth and now operation of Impact Hearing is the foundation for the passion and vision for today and the future.  Impact Hearing provides expert, professional clinical experience and skill along with a highly specialized service delivery encompassing all areas of hearing health care.

We know hearing loss impacts on us and our loved ones in so many ways so we are committed to the life long journey of your hearing needs.  This impact is the driving passion to create for every client who needs a hearing solution with the best possible outcome/s …..we want to impact your life, enable a lifestyle of your desire and enrich your communication.

Why Choose Impact Hearing

We are:

  • Highly trained university qualified audiologist/s
  • Independently owned
  • Prescribe all hearing aid brands
  • Personally experienced with hearing loss
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Provide traditional and professional clinical care
  • Create a quality impacting client experience



MClinAud PGradHS BPsych


Dendra Cole

Dendra opened the first permanent hearing clinic ”Impact Hearing” in the main street of Samford Village after identifying the need to add a hearing service to the local medical community.

Living locally Dendra comes into the community as a very experienced university qualified audiologist with over 15 years in the hearing industry. Hearing impairment is something she is very passionate about helping both adults and children with hearing assessments and rehabilitation solutions.

As Dendra is hearing impaired herself and has worn bilateral hearing aids since 3 years of age, she knows from personal experience the challenges of hearing loss and hearing aids. Dendra is often travelling to remote areas of Qld to test school children’s hearing being very community focused to play her part in ensuring children’s hearing is not affecting their future educational opportunities.

Adults are engaged in as real life and actively as possible with hearing aid trials and Dendra likes to ensure the hearing aids are providing the best possible quality sound.

Any of these questions familiar to you?

  • Is hearing in background noise difficult for you?
  • Are you often asking loved ones to repeat themselves?
  • Do you have annoying ringing in the ears?
  • Is your son or daughter speaking loudly?

Samford Village has a local permanent hearing clinic to help solve all your hearing issues.

Impact Hearing offers hearing assessments to children and adults, all brands of hearing aids. assistive listening devices and tinnitus solutions. Noise, musician and swim plugs are also solutions offered.  If you’re wandering about your hearing contact Dendra for a complimentary hearing screening, obligation free hearing aid trial or come in and introduce yourself.

Call in today or call for an appointment on 07 3289 5563 we are located 18b/19 Main Street Samford Village.

Impacting your life with quality sound !