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About Us

Impact Hearing is an independently owned clinic by director and chief audiologist Dendra Cole, offering all brands of hearing aids, hearing solutions and services as a hearing provider with no affiliation to any specific hearing aid manufacturer or large retail hearing group.

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We are here to help you!

Impact Hearing provides audiology services and we are here to assist you with all your hearing needs, questions, queries or concerns. We know how overwhelming being fitted with new hearing aids can be – so we endeavor to make the process a seamless journey from choosing the right hearing aid/s and/or hearing solutions to suit your needs, aligning with your budget and providing the best outcomes. We strive to ensure you are well informed throughout the hearing rehabilitation process with 100% guaranteed ongoing service and support.

Our Hearing Services

We offer hearing services to our local Samford Valley community and surrounding areas within and beyond the Brisbane metro area.

Hearing Services

Impact Hearing is your local hearing healthcare professional servicing Samford Valley and surrounding areas providing all your hearing needs within our hearing services.

Hearing Screening

Impact Hearing can evaluate your hearing health with a hearing screening.  This is a free short hearing screening assessment to ascertain if there is a hearing loss or not and to determine if further investigation is required.

Hearing Assessment

In a full hearing assessment we review the history of your hearing, any related medical issues and complete a full hearing assessment diagnostic test battery to determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Impairment can be a partial loss or total inability to hear in one or both ears in the short term or permanently. There are different types, severity and causes of hearing loss.  The types of hearing loss can be described as conductive or sensorineural with the combination of both referred to as “mixed” hearing loss.

Impact Hearing assists in guiding you in finding the best possible solution/s to your individual hearing needs.

Hearing Solutions

Hearing solutions provided include ALD’s – (assistive listening devices) for TV, telephone or alarm.  Our products and services for hearing solutions addressing your hearing needs are backed up with 100% Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hearing Aids

We recommend hearing devices that are appropriate to your hearing loss, tailored specifically to your hearing needs and are in alignment with your budget.  This includes the all the latest and available technology.

What Our Patients Say

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